Spike Humer – Author, Speaker, Thought-leader

Patty DeDominic coach and consultant to high achievers at DeDominic & Associates and Patricia Diorio intuitive consultant and spiritual consultant interview entrepreneurial adviser, small-business consultant, and turnaround expert Spike Humer.

For 25 years, Spike has been at the forefront of formulating innovative business growth and explosive marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and multi-million dollar organizations.

He’s been the “go-to” guy for scores of individuals and business-owners around the world. Thousands of companies, organizations, and people looking for new growth and profitability for their businesses and increases in their personal success have turned to Spike and his advice through his programs, group mentoring, and personal consultations.

His proprietary systems for generating new profits and his results-proven advice have been sought after by success-seeking people in over thirty countries. Spike’s been credited with saving some clients from the brink of collapse, while helping others explode their performance to record- highs with his wealth of real-world-tested sales enhancement techniques, windfall profit strategies, and performance-enhancing marketing breakthroughs and concepts.

Spike’s been a featured speaker at seminars and business acceleration workshops throughout North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. Sharing the stage and program platforms with such luminaries and thought-leaders as Tony Blair, Jay Abraham, Chet Holmes, Stephen M.R. Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, T. Harv Eker, Loral Langemeier, Robert Allen, Rich Schefren, Darren J. Stephens, and many others Spike has been applauded for his straight-forward, “to-the-heart-of-the-matter” message.

Spike’s proven business acceleration strategies have helped generate tens of millions of dollars in revenues for his clients and program attendees. He is renowned for creating quantum leaps in profitability and business performance–all in record time.

Spike’s “10-Day Turnaround Technologies” have engineered entrepreneurial success stories in dozens and dozens of industries the world over. His “Strategy for Significance” has helped his clients almost instantly earn the attention, trust, and profit-boosting relationships with their prospects and clients. Spike’s “Overnight Entrepreneur” methodology has put countless people on the path to financial-freedom and personal prosperity.


About Get Conscious Now

A spring board for humanitarians who are waking up to their power to consciously create.  An inspirational talk show on Women’s Radio, hosted by two dynamic women, Patricia Diorio and Patty DeDominic, experts in their respective coaching fields of spirituality and business.  The show speaks to a shift as people become conscious of their true nature, as spiritual beings having a human experience.

This conversation is being significantly substantiated by the scientific community through the work of quantum physicists and scientists from all branches of science.  Reflected in movies like The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know?, what it means to be conscious is now beginning to impact every sector of society.

Get Conscious Now!, is dedicated to exploring the many shifting paradigms that are occurring today within this conversation, offering a wide range of today’s most compelling topics.  In addition to science and spirituality, the show also addresses what it means to be conscious in the areas of business, finance, health, medicine, politics, the arts and more.  The guests interviewed are leading experts in their respective fields of expertise.  Although the subject matter is varied, the common thread for all guests is their belief that there is a shaft that is occurring today in the fundamental belief structure of society, where consciousness rather than the material world is the ground of all being or the place from which all life arises.  This new way of perceiving the world goes way beyond the ‘bottom line’ as we know it.