Raise Your Voice …

… and change your world!

We Are a Global Family

.. The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office view.

Sisterhood Agenda, new home in St. Johns

has made major leaps forward for girls.

When Women ROAR, the World Will Change!

…from a whisper to a ROAR!

Women’s Congress for the U.S.

… answering the call from 1870!

Stepping Out in Life

Walking with Inner Personal Spirit.

Shift Your World with Words

How to Shift Rage to Passion

Gather the Women and Vision 2020

Gather the Women was a phrase that touched Barbara’s heart. It opened doors to amazing contributions.

The Real Stories of Blood and Honey

Danica Anderson, international Trauma Expert, shares over a decade of hearing and treating war crimes and trauma in Bosnia and around the world.

Gardening the World

A gardener is honest about the produce in her plot.