Women-owned Businesses Get a Leg-up with Give Me 5

Courtney Fairchild talks more about the “Give Me 5” Webinar.

WIPP Advocates for Women Owned & Small Businesses

Cecelia McCloy talks about why small businesses should care about effecting public policy.

Become an Effective Advocate with WIPP!

Ann Sullivan talks about what she will be covering in her advocacy training for the women attending the WIPP Leadership Conference, as well as why women-owned businesses should attend this event.

WIPP Talks Business in DC

Barbara Kasoff discusses WIPP’s upcoming Annual Leadership Conference and why it’s important for women-owned businesses to attend.

WIPP Takes Action for Women-Owned Small Businesses!

Barbara Kasoff discusses how the Women-Owned Small Business Program was created and why it is important to women business owners.

Officially Made In The USA

Julie Rieser talks about how she is protecting US companies and discusses her role at the upcoming WIPP Conference.

Easiest Way to Log Audio Notes!

Steve Jones talks about his new product, Associate, and his speech topic for the upcoming WIPP Conference.

WIPP Helps Women Impact Public Policy

Denise Farris talks about what women can do to affect policy change successfully.

WIPP Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

Barbara Kasoff talks about what WIPP is doing to create better opportunities for small businesses.

Research Made Easy at WIPP

Sherrie Aycock talks about her involvement in the upcoming WIPP Conference.