One Powerful Message

Join Mary in exploring one of the most important skills in awakening…

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Join Mary in discovering how we closed our hearts – and how to reopen them again…

An Inspiring View

Come join Mary in exploring how to rediscover the kind of connection with life…

Living IN Your Body

Join Mary in exploring how we got so far away from our bodies and how to make friends with it

The Deliciousness with Spaciousness

Come join Mary in rediscovering the natural spaciousness that is always with you so that life becomes easier and a lot more fun.


Join Mary in exploring the healing that is arising out of this chaotic time…

The Sanctuary of Listening

We are so busy doing life that we have forgotten how to listen – really listen.

Pain can Transform your Life

Sometimes life really hurts! What do we do with our hurts? We resist, deny and try to get rid of them.

Treasuring Life

Life seems to move so fast that most of the time we actually miss it!

The Joy of No Control!

Join Mary in exploring the safety of letting go of trying to control life…