Reconnect with the Joy of Being You!

What’s In Your Way IS the Way explores a revolutionary approach for healing everything…

Our Addiction to Perfection

What would it be like if it were okay for you to be you…exactly as you are?

Meeting Your Edge

Not only can you make a difference in the world. You can make a powerful difference…

The Joy of Spacious Curiosity

Imagine you are on a retreat with a group of other people who are quieting their minds and opening their hearts….

The Healing Power of Anger

Anger is a powerful force that can be used to attack and hurt or it can be used to heal.

Our Polarization can be Healed

Come explore how you can become a part of the healing that is arising from the divisiveness of our time…

From Contraction to Spaciousness

Come explore how to unhook from your conditioned self so you can know the joy of being grounded…

Learning to Trust the Chaos in our Lives

When you look at what is happening on our planet, you may contract in fear and reaction. But there is another way to view it.

There is No Such Thing as Self-Sabotage

Come explore with Mary how to have a different relationship with what we call self-sabotage…

The Astounding Healer of Compassionate Curiosity

Come listen as Mary shares stories and skills that will open your mind and heal your heart…