Gratitude and the Art of Apologizing

This week we have a fun exploration of forgiveness, family and the holidays!

Forgiveness in Relationships & the Value of a Forgiveness Coach

This episode we will dig into how forgiveness can play a vital role in finding and nurturing a healthy loving relationship…

Upcoming Holiday Season & Our Families

This week we talk about how the holiday season can be a particularly stressful time for most of us.

14 Day Forgiveness Challenge

Join us as we each learn about the Power of Forgiveness and how it can change our lives …

Life is a Journey and the Road isn’t Always Flat

This week we’ll talk about how life is a journey and the road isn’t always flat but that’s ok if we are open to the process…

Sex and Forgiveness

Ever wonder why most of us struggle so much with intimacy? I have!!!

Why Do We Avoid Forgiveness?

This week we’ll talk about why we can be so reluctant to actually forgive not only others but especially ourselves…

Lou Talks with Family Constellations founder Mark Wolynn

IT DIDN’T START WITH YOU ~Break the Cycle of Inherited Trauma …

Time to Get Real

Look, it’s easy to talk about, read about, dream about forgiveness, prayers, mantras or whatever…

Why does Forgiveness matter to our Purpose in Life?

In this weeks show we will first explore the questions “Why does Forgiveness matter?”