Sowing The Seeds of Love

Every person walking this earth is deluded to one extent or another…

Kathy Miller and Brenda Bergstrom: Ishaya’s Ascension

Raised on the promises of the power of positive thinking, Kathy rode the pendulum back and forth…

This Too Will Pass~ The Human Condition of Ups & Downs

Whether you’re experiencing good times or hard times, the guidance today is “this too shall pass.”

Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center

Living a spiritual life isn’t always easy….

Bringing Someone along for the Ride

We’ll talk about how our spiritual journeys are affected by those we bring along for the ride …

Ryan “Gooch” Nelson of Gooch and the Motion

Get your weekly dose of positive love energy from this pair of inspired seekers.

Castles in the Sky

Our life between lives is just as real as the life we’re living now.

Fish Out Of Water

Feeling like a fish out of water exposes us to uncomfortable situations, not knowing how to fit in…

Catching a Glimpse~ Seeing Your Future

How do we create? By using our gifts as Divine Beings to imagine a life of our choosing.

Laughter is the Best Medicine: How Laughing Changes Everything

You might think that a good laugh just feels good and that it is fun…