Listening to the Voice Within

We all have a voice within that speaks to us. Guidance comes to us in many forms.

Closing the Gap – How to Create Unity in a Divided World

Common misconceptions about Unity and Division lead us to believe we are in a hopeless situation.

Balance and Harmony: Active Love

Active Love is the work needed to create balance and harmony in our lives and our world.

100% is Easier Than 95%

So often, when we decide on a goal we want to achieve or a desire we want to manifest, we don’t go all in…

It’s Just Us – A conversation with Angels and Guides

It’s just us, your friendly neighborhood Guides and Angels coming to you through our lovely Rita to bring peace…

Capturing Good Karma

Capturing good karma and storing it up for the long journey ahead is a wise move, earthling…

Embracing Your Spiritual Journey

Arati knows a thing or two about making the most of what you have…

Sowing The Seeds of Love

Every person walking this earth is deluded to one extent or another…

Kathy Miller and Brenda Bergstrom: Ishaya’s Ascension

Raised on the promises of the power of positive thinking, Kathy rode the pendulum back and forth…

This Too Will Pass~ The Human Condition of Ups & Downs

Whether you’re experiencing good times or hard times, the guidance today is “this too shall pass.”