Episode 22 Quarterbacks That Are Struggling

Compare the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Episode 21 Quarterback Eli Manning is HOT!

New York Giants’ QB makes the top 5 QB’s!

Episode 20 Learn to Rate Your Quarterback

How to make your football credibility soar.

Episode 19 Quarterback Statistics Tell the Story

How to calculate the passing percentage of your QB each week.

Episode 18 More “Skinny” on NFL Quarterbacks

The advanced version of information about NFL Quarterbacks.

Episode 17 Drew Brees is a Proven Winner

Drew Brees, QB for the New Orleans Saints, has the whole package.

Episode 16 A Preppie QB that Loves Winning

Matt Stafford of the Detroit Lions is getting it done.

Episode 15 Aaron Rodgers Threads the Needle

Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers makes it look easy.

Episode 14 Top Dog QB Tom Brady

Tom Brady – A QB that is a mover and shaker.

Episode 12 QB’s Watch the Clock

Quarterbacks that don’t manage the clock are LOSERS.