A Mind-Body Approach to Healing Depression

James Gordon, MD shares techniques from his groundbreaking book, “Unstuck,” including a powerful meditation method.

Your Health Starts in your Mouth

Brian Smith, DDS talks about the impact hidden dental infection has on our health.

Healing Autism Through Food and Nutrition

Julie Matthews talks about why diet is so important for healing autism, what the most effective diet is, and what mainstream medicine has to say about it.

Maximizing the Nutrients in Your Food

Chef Laurie Gauginb gives great tips on the best way to wash, cook and store your food to limit vitamin loss and boost antioxidant levels.

Medicating the Masses: Vaccines and Your Health

Jon Rappoport talks about the latest issues concerning vaccines and their impact on autism, and your health.

Transform your Home/Office into a Super Healthy Sanctuary

Beth Greer is interviewed by Dr. Peter Fairfield on how to improve your health and well-being by making small lifestyle changes.

Indigenous Medicine for Healing with the Global Medicine Hunter

Meg Jordan, Ph.D., RN, talks about searching the globe for healing remedies derived not only from botanicals, but from ritual, energy work, prayer, and non-ordinary ways of knowing.

Turning Waste into Wages

Nikhil Arora talks about how he started his 100% sustainable urban mushroom farm that transforms coffee ground waste into the growing medium for gourmet mushrooms.

Women’s Earth Alliance

Melinda Kramer talks about how her organization empowers women around the world, by providing them with tools like training, resources and long-term solutions around water, food, land, and climate change in Africa, India and the U.S.

Natural Alternatives for Healing Depression

Dr. Peter Fairfield talks about using acupuncture, energy healing, homeopathics, and herbal remedies to treat depression and other mood disorders.