Achieve Your Unique Brand of Success

Impacting over 100,000 women worldwide and 25,000 coaches, Marsh Engle is a transformational leader and award winning entrepreneur who redefines success to include the spiritual connection.

The Road To Speaker Success Is Always Under Construction

Radio talk show host and international speaker, Paul Lawrence Vann is revealing the secrets on how to become a successful speaker and the parallel between the construction industry and public speaking.

Leader Exceptionnelle du Québec à l’International

Leader régional exceptionnelle, femme d’affaires passionnée, d’un enthousiasme débordant et contagieux, Lyne Pelchat a fait des impacts importants, le plan social, communautaire, culturel et économique, même sur la scène internationale.

From his worst day to over 140 Countries

From his worst day of his life, Berny Dohrmann is the Chairman of CEO Space International, the largest support organization for entrepreneurs and business owners, helping entrepreneurs in over 140 countries.

Being Entrepreneur to Achieve Success

Owning over 5 companies and sharing the stage with some of the worlds most acclaimed speakers, including Les Brown and Sir Richard Branson, Shellie Ann Hunt is a pure example of success.

Intéressé par le succès international

Organisateur de TEDx Westmount, Hicham Amrani a visité plus de 35 pays après avoir vécu un drame familial en jeune âge, sa vie a été boulversée et il nous partage sa philosophie de vie.

Dr. Brian

Dr. Brian Grossman, a leading Psychologist and known as the “Corporate Performance Doctor,” will share how to rebuild self-confidence by losing weight and why being overweight can affect both your personal and professional life.

H.I.G.H. H.O.P.E.S. with John-Leslie Brown

Les Brown’s son, John-Leslie Brown is an award-winning speaker who shares his philosophy behind H.I.G.H. H.O.P.E.S and why he believes that “Courage is the new Currency”.

Son Rêve l’Amène à “Dancing With The Stars”

En Français – L’histoire incroyable de Donna De Luca qui, avec son pouvoir d’intention et sa puissance intérieure, a assisté avec des billets VIP à la célèbre émission de TV “Dancing With The Stars”.

Abused Veteran becomes an Expert Negotiator

A retired Master Sergeant, sexually abused in the Air Force, previously victim of abandonment and alcoholic parents, became a professional speaker, author and expert negotiator.