Générateurs d’actions avec une approche directe

Générateur d’actions, il aide les gens à réaliser leurs rêves mais passe à l’action lui-même aussi par l’ascension du Mont Kilimanjaro.

Rock and Roll your business life with Tim Gillette

America’s greatest life coach is sharing how you can Rock’n Roll your dreams and become a successful entrepreneur.

The “Oprah of the Internet”

The “Oprah of the Internet” inspires us with the 3 promises he made when her mom died in his hands

Consultante en commercialisation a passé à travers la fibromyalgie

Entrepreneure dans le sang, Diane Leboeuf a dû passer au travers la fibromyalgie avant d’atteindre l’expertise internationale.

Branding to Increase Your Revenues

World-class brand specialist shares how you can increase your revenues and how reinventing yourself is so crucial.

Outils Pour Concilier Travail-Famille

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Living an Organic and Orgasmic Life

Sexual Wellness Coach shares solutions for 40 million sexless marriages and 97% of women are not satisfied with their bodies.

Living proof of success after being abused

Abandoned by her mother, abused by her father, Wendy R. Gladney’s attitude is living proof of success: became a philanthropist and actress.