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‘Our Spirits Dance’ Author Susan Allison


Susun Weed Interviews Transpersonal Psychologist Susan Allison

‘Men don’t Marry for Sex’ Dr. Robert Hustrulid


Susun Weed Interviews Dr. Robert Hustrulid on Marriage and Divorce

Thinking Differently about Learning Disabilities David Flink


Susun Weed Interviews Learning Rights David Flink

A Unique Life Fully Lived Author Karen Kain


Susun Weed Interviews Supporting Families Karen Kain

The Big, Bad Book of Botany Author Michael Largo


Susun Weed Interviews Award Winning Author Michael Largo

Expand your Perception!


The purpose of life, of your life, of my life, the purpose of the contextual setting in which our lives can unfold …

Convergence between science and spirituality

Rita Strough and Michael Gross

Science is supporting spirituality and leading to a realization of our creator-ness …

The Wisdom of the World

Dr. Miller

A Conversation with Angeles Arrien, Ph.D

Spiritual Health Teacher Dr. Susan Shumsky


Susun Weed Interviews Author and Spiritual Health Teacher Susan Shumsky

Episode #160, “You Are What You Love”

You Are What You Love

Vaishali fields phone calls from people seeking life management advice.