What is Microfinance and How It Can Help End Extreme Poverty.

Hear how the Bottom Billion Fund is addressing extreme poverty, the greatest violence against mankind. Microfinance is making progress against hunger, disease and terrorism.

Join Buying2Give and Fight Extreme Poverty

How can you buy and contribute to the UN Millennium goal to end extreme poverty? Listen to Peter Young, founder of Buying2Give and an Australian with a mission to end poverty.

UN Millennium Goals to End Extreme Poverty Met Early

Is it truly possible to eradicate extreme poverty? Hear how microfinance can reach the bottom billion who live on less than $1.25 a day, and learn the 7 steps you personally can take.

Save a Life, Fight Poverty for Earth Day with Unite-to-Light

Earth Day activities in your community can help fight poverty. Listen to Unite-to-Light share details behind the life-saving LED solar-powered lamp being distributed to remote impoverished communities world-wide.

Generating Collective Impact for Social Good

How can nonprofit, for-profit, education, faith and government come together for collective impact and social good? Jarrod Schwartz of Just Communities Central Coast shares the details of Santa Barbara Foundation’s Partnership for Excellence and Just Communities.

B-Corp App-X Integrates Impact Reporting Investing Standards (IRIS) to Track Social Impact

Social impact measurement technology, cloud-based solutions help social enterprise track and make investment decisions for portfolio management and measure social impact.