Clean Water for 500 Villages in Extreme Poverty

Join Hands4Others’ (H4O) youth to break the cycle of extreme poverty by bringing clean water and health to 500 villages by 2015. Listen now.

Saving Lives with Solar Powered LED Lamps

Save lives. Make light from darkness. Unite-to-Light’s solar powered LED lamps charge cell phones for those living with no electricity.

Fair Trade Factory in Liberia Saves Lives

You, too, can dramatically change lives like social entrepreneur, Chid Liberty, in Liberia founder of the first Africa fair trade factory.

Permaculture: Sustainable Agriculture for Impact Investing

Only 9 meals from a “food desert!” Local food production is critical. What’s permaculture: its ecological, economic, social, cultural ROI?

Tribal Trust: Saving Indigenous People, Cultures

An “Eat, Pray Love” experience over 16 years of travel saves indigenous tribes, their cultures and environment, and you can participate.

For-Profit Preschool Education in India for Extreme Poor.

Learn how a for-profit preschool is addressing poverty and education in India while fighting extreme poverty, and how you can help..

Birdeez Makes Birdwatching Easy in California.

Birdwatching in California is easier with the Birdeez iPhone app winning the DEMO God award in Santa Clara. Now novices can enjoy birding.

Fighting Terrorism in Afghanistan with Jobs and Education

Hassina Sherjan returns from the USA to Afghanistan to help build peace through education and building jobs. Hear her work and perspective.

Maasai Rite of Passage Stops Female Circumcision

Maasai traditions are changing with the stopping of female circumcision. Beautiful Maasai beading supports education key to this mission.

Valoramas Discount Shopping Serves Latino Community.

Valoramas simultaneously provides family products at a discount while serving the social needs of the Latino Community. How can you benefit?