Fair Trade Factory in Liberia Saves Lives

You, too, can dramatically change lives like social entrepreneur, Chid Liberty, in Liberia founder of the first Africa fair trade factory.

Rural Electrification Renewal Energy (REwiRE) Wins Impact Investing Challenge

What is better than light in remote rural areas of poverty? Listen to a team of social entrepreneurs who won the International Impact Investing Challenge and are extending the electrical grid through micro hydro power.

International Impact Investing Challenge for Grad Student Social Entrepreneurs

Hear about the finalists for the International Impact Investing Challenge and the work of talented grad students who are creating socially conscious enterprises.

Social Entrepreneurship in Liberia and Women for Peace

Women for peace in West Africa are helping produce the first finished products for export from Liberia with Chid Liberty, social entrepreneur and founder of Liberty and Justice.

Join Buying2Give and Fight Extreme Poverty

How can you buy and contribute to the UN Millennium goal to end extreme poverty? Listen to Peter Young, founder of Buying2Give and an Australian with a mission to end poverty.

The Good Capitalist: For-Profit Success for Social Entrepreneurs

Get inspired. Listen to 2 social entrepreneurs who initiated The Good Capitalist to support local and global socially responsible businesses while continuing their own social enterprises with triple bottom lines.