Using Snark the Right Way

Snark isn’t for everyone so it’s very important to fully understand the what, why, who, how and where behind it.

Wedding Cards – Finding Your Niche Market

By using stylish and unique wedding stamps, you will be able to offer your clientele sophisticated yet exclusive handmade wedding cards.

Find Your Niche Market

Today we start with the first podcast in our Finding Your Niche Market Series

Stamping for the Holidays

Today we are going to talk about how you can get all of your cards out the door and with your sanity intact!

Build Your Crafting Community

A crafting community is about having a venue for you to go to share ideas, encourage creativity and provide support to those around you.

Being on a Design Team

Have you ever wanted to be on a design team, but didn’t know how?

Find Your Card Making Style

Let’s review some of the most popular card making styles and help you identify yours!

Selling Your Handmade Cards

Learn out to set yourself apart from the competition when selling your handmade cards.