Nu Black Arts West Theatre Has Impact!


Kibibi Monie’ keeps the power of the arts alive for all of us.

Magic, Art and Inspiring Change

claire terry

Drawing roses will make the difference…

Goddess Calling

Karen's favorite #2

Karen Tate and the Divine Feminine

Standing Together, The Vision


. . . is women birthing a culture of Love

Actress, Author and Activist

DandelionPortrait for Indiegogo

leading through the Dandelion Insurrection!

Intuition, Power and the Sacred Woman


Christine Page, M.D., speaks of anger and cancer

Standing Together, Power and Love


Women create new agenda..

Queen, Not Just For A Day


The Four Dames are onto something Big for You!

Your Child’s Health

dr. rapp

…. only your awareness is needed.

Learning From Those Around You …

Graduation 2008 global leadership class 002

Going Southern for Business Success