Dr. R. Craig Hogan Talks About Consciousness

It’s important it is that we raise our personal consciousness vibrations away from fear …

Clif Taylor Talks About Making Connections to the Afterlife

Like more and more people now who are simply going about their lives, Clif felt called to be a seeker

Karen Anderson Talks About Pets in the Afterlife

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We talk, too, about the amazing prevalence in the afterlife of extraordinary music and musicians!

How Our Thoughts Create Our Lives

Our minds are immensely powerful, and in fact our minds co-create the reality that we are living now.

Carla Wills-Brandon Talks About Deathbed Visitors

Carla Wills-Brandon is a leading expert on these beautiful reunions that occur as we are dying and preparing to go home…

N. Riley Heagerty Talks About Spectral Evidence

N. Riley Heagerty has been patiently researching and documenting the great physical mediums who worked a century ago

Dr. Judy Morgan Talks About Helping Dogs Live Healthier Lives

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Rochelle Wright Talks About Repair and Reattachment Grief Therapy

Her Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy Method can reduce grief dramatically in a single day

Sarina Baptista Talks About Her Son’s Book, My View From Heaven

Sarina Baptista lost her son, JT, when he was only seven, and soon he was communicating with her!