Elevating Consciousness

Roberta tells us more about her extraordinary experiences in writing Liberating Jesus and My Thomas…

A Dog’s View of Love, Life, and Death

Jon Beecher is the head of White Crow Books, a British company that arguably publishes the best books in the afterlife field…

Joyce Stewart Talks About A Course in Miracles

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Native American Spirituality

Adelaide Wolf and Hanay Geiogamah Talk About Native American Spirituality

Rearing Spiritually Healthy Children

Roberta talks about why it is so important to rear children entirely free from false religion-based fears…

Ivanhoe Chaput Talks About Infinity Time Death and Thought

The truth is accessible to us now, and it is beyond-belief wonderful!

Keith Clark Talks About His idigitalmedium ITC Project

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Lynne McTaggart Talks About The Power of Eight

Lynne McTaggart is the leading researcher worldwide into the incredible powers of the human mind…

Roy L. Hill Discusses Jesus in Near-Death Experiences

The most common figure seen and heard from by NDE-ers is Jesus….

Mental Illness and the Afterlife

Susanne Wilson and Mark Pitstick Talk About Mental Illness and the Afterlife