Latest Developments in Afterlife Communication

Those that we used to think were dead have a new urgency about helping us learn the truth about reality …

Joyce Stewart Talks about Children of Light

Human beings have not known why we even come to earth and what actually is going on…

Roberta Grimes Talks About Reincarnation

The actual process of reincarnation is difficult for us to understand, since no religion gets it right

Death is not the end at all!

William Murray Talks About Maintaining His Marriage After His Wife’s Death

Alex Tsakiris of Skeptiko Talks About Why Science is Wrong

Alex Tsakiris is a gifted young seeker in the field of cutting-edge theories about human consciousness…

Debbie Johnstone Talks About Communicating With Animals

Living animals let her know what they want, where it hurts, whether it is time to ease their deaths…

Roberta Talks About the True Meaning and Message of Jesus

Roberta may be the first person ever to discover that the dead communicate can validate the Gospel….

Michael Tymn Talks About a Seminal Afterlife

Michael Tymn Talks About a Seminal Afterlife Book from 1921, Just Rediscovered

Elevating Consciousness

Roberta tells us more about her extraordinary experiences in writing Liberating Jesus and My Thomas…

A Dog’s View of Love, Life, and Death

Jon Beecher is the head of White Crow Books, a British company that arguably publishes the best books in the afterlife field…