Communicating With Horses

Karen Anderson is an excellent communicator with our companion animals, both living and dead.

Consciousness as the Source of Reality

Dr. Kastrup is a brilliant young scientist author of The Idea of the World: A Multi-Disciplinary Argument for the Mental Nature of Reality

Bringing the Kingdom of God on Earth

Dr. R. Craig Hogan is one of the world’s leading experts on the greater reality…

Patrick J. McKallick Talks About The Face of the Iguana

Patrick J. McKallick had a very difficult childhood that led him eventually to join an appalling cult.

Astral Travel and Exploring the Greater Reality

Cyrus Kirkpatrick is an explorer of some of the more amazing afterlife-related phenomena.

Chris Fitting Talks About Adventures in Spirit Communication

Chris Fitting is a gifted mental medium who often is able to draw accurate portraits of loved ones…

Carol Morgan Talks About Mikey and His Book, Flying High in Spirit

Mikey Morgan is a Sixth-Level being who last lived on earth in the 1600s …

Sharon Prentice Talks About Becoming Starlight

Becoming Starlight, tells the tale of her extraordinary share-death experience (SDE) at the death of her husband…

David Alison talks about finding Davey

David Alison III is a successful software entrepreneur whose only son and namesake was killed in an auto accident…

Craig Hogan Talks About Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Dr. R. Craig Hogan is a leading expert on how reality is constructed and what really happens at and after death.