DA Nancy O’Malley Puts The H.E.A.T on Human Trafficking

District Attorney of Alameda County, Nancy O’Malley, talks about a program she launched called H.E.A.T Watch.

Asylum Access Makes Refugee Rights a Reality!

Jessica Therkelsen talks about how Asylum Access uses policy advocacy to help refugees access their rights.

CA NOW Speaks Up for Gender Equality!

Patricia Bellasalma talks about California NOW’s recent work to discover the gender impact on bills in front of the California Legislature.

9to5 Means Equal Pay for Women!

Linda Meric talks about 9to5’s great work and why Equal Pay Day is important, especially for women.

Media Action Center Demands Equal Time!

Sue Wilson discusses how the FCC is reacting to her complaint and how people can support the efforts of the Media Action Center.

Equal Rights Advocates Celebrate Big!

Noreen Farrell talks about ERA’s 38th Annual Luncheon and 40th Anniversary of Title IX Celebration in San Francisco, CA on Friday, June 8th, 2012, as well as how people can contribute to ERA’s gender equity efforts.