The Authors Show presents: “Everybody Cheats”


Our fascination with finding the perfect someone has caused us to settle on a partner that is good enough. ..

Attract Your Soul Mate Now!

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Are you a single woman who’s ready to finally find The One? If you want to attract the love of your life, listen to the audio here.

Attract a Love You Keep

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Join Kala’s radio show: Become Irresistibly Magnetic, where love/romance are center stage today, particularly “Soul Mate Relationships.”

Outside of the Box

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An intuitive interview with Barbara Rasor Emotional Intuitive as your host.

‘Men don’t Marry for Sex’ Dr. Robert Hustrulid


Susun Weed Interviews Dr. Robert Hustrulid on Marriage and Divorce

Love Your Life Dr. Shaelyn Pham


Susun Weed Interviews Why the World Needs More Selfish People Dr. Shaelyn Pham

Experiencing Greater Love and Harmony in Relationships


Often, we are attracted to and choose partners to gain a variety of lessons that contribute to our becoming our best selves.

More on Spiritually Evolving Relationships


It is the acceptance of these, and other, relationships that are more of a challenge than understanding them.

Bruja On Books: Love Me Don’t Leave Me with Michelle Skeen, PsyD

michelle skeen

Yolanda Shoshana chats with author, psychologist, and relationship expert, Michelle Skeen, PsyD about her new book, Love Me Don’t Leave Me.

Helpguide Co-founder and Emotional Intelligence Expert Jeanne Segal


Susun Weed Interviews Helpguide Co-founder Jeanne Segal