#1 of 11 – Shaman of Pleasure ~ The Process of Change

Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn describes his mentoring approach, in this first of eleven short segments.

Discover Purpose Part 2 with Ann Haney

What type of mindsets that will move mountains for you and keep you active in living out purpose? Listen in.

Discover Purpose Part 1 with Ann Haney

Ever wanted to understand ways to discover your purpose? Listen in on the conversation with Rachel and her guest Ann Haney.

See Light Through Darkness with Aimmee Kodachian

Persistence and determination will help you rise above your challenges and see light through darkness.

Midlife Reinvention with Mary Buchan

Mary’s passion is to help women age 40 and over navigate through the transitions of life.

Intuition, Power and the Sacred Woman

Christine Page, M.D., speaks of anger and cancer

Queen, Not Just For A Day

The Four Dames are onto something Big for You!

“Golden Gate Variations” on Purpose

Stuart Kinmond has created ‘Golden Gate Variations’ a visual-audio celebration of the 75th anniversary of the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Purposeful Marc Allen

Marc Allen is a speaker, author and composer with thoughtful practical guidance for purposeful living

Shift Your World with Words

How to Shift Rage to Passion