The Future of Cannabis

Jeramy Edgel talks about his love of politics and commitment to the State of Nevada to be an active participant in the future of cannabis.

Join the Pro-Truth Pledge

Dr. Gleb Tsipursky talks about Intentional Insights’s Pro-Truth Pledge.

Devon Reese Runs for Nevada State Senate

Devon Reese shares the principles he’ll be fighting for in the State Senate in Nevada.

Gender Equality Issues Raised during 2016 Presidential Election

Miranda Aaland shares her thoughts about the subject of gender equality and other topics covered during the YouthForumCSW Forum.

Senator Van de Putte Stands-up and Speaks-up for Women!

Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte talks about why she believes the NWPC’s presence is important for all women.

Asylum Access Makes Refugee Rights a Reality!

Jessica Therkelsen talks about how Asylum Access uses policy advocacy to help refugees access their rights.

Sharon Quirk-Silva Goes for CA State Assembly!

Sharon Quirk-Silva talks about why she decided to run for the seat in the California State Assembly.

Cynthia Dill Goes for U.S. Senate!

Cynthia Dill talks more about her campaign and why she thinks is it important to elect women to national office.

No Labels Finds Long Term Solutions

Lisa Borders talks about her organization, No Labels, and its current platform and accomplishments.

Media Action Center Demands Equal Time!

Sue Wilson discusses how the FCC is reacting to her complaint and how people can support the efforts of the Media Action Center.