Author Shares Insights Into Circlework and “The Sacred Ego”

Jalaja Bonheim

Jalaja Bonheim talks about her book, “The Sacred Ego,” and her “Circlework.”

Come and Enjoy the San Francisco Green Festival!

Corinna Basler

Dr. Corinna Basler talks about the upcoming San Francisco Green Festival and what attendees can look forward to at this event.

Ensemble Solutions Brings Opportunities to Africa

Achille Massoma

Achille Massoma talks about Ensemble Solutions and its goals to help fight poverty and disease in Africa.

Marketing and Publicity Maven Shares Top Secrets

Jill Lublin

Jill Lublin share her secrets on marketing and publicity.

“Be Well and Do Good” at the San Francisco Green Festival

Vince Siciliano

Vince Siciliano talks about the New Resources Bank, as well as what he will speak about at the San Francisco Green Festival.

Solar Energy Prevails at San Francisco Green Festival

WOMEN-luminalt-Jeanine Cotter owner of Luminalt, which designs and builds solar electric and solar hot water systems on single and multi-family residences and commercial buildings.On top of  the Mission Pie business in San Francisco. If possible please n

Jeanine Cotter shares how she carved her path to leadership in solar and the importance of diversity in the workforce.

Become a Resilient Investor at the San Francisco Green Festival!


Christopher Peck shares his insights into creating “resilient investors” at the San Francisco Green Festival.

From Conception to Total Consciousness

JoePearce LR

Joseph Pearce shares secrets from his books and from his personal experiences in exploring humanity’s ultimate destiny.

Author Shares Experiences from the Playboy Mansion


Suzen Fiskin talks about her amazing book, “Playboy Mansion Memoirs.”

Supporting Nonprofits Strengthens Communities

Cheri Hill

Cheri Hill shares why the Alliance for Nevada Nonprofits was formed and why nonprofits should join as members.