Women in Afghanistan and Rwanda Expand Business with IEEW

Terry Neese

Dr. Terry Neese talks about what inspired her to establish IEEW, as well as this organization’s upcoming projects.

Find Your Authentic Truth with Women For One

Kelly McNelis Senegor

Kelly McNelis Senegor talks about Women For One and how people can get involved with this movement.

Get WBENC Certified and Start Doing Business!

Geri Swift

Geri Swift shares why getting WBENC certified is important to all women-owned businesses.

WBENC Conference Gives Access to an Amazing Network of Businesses

Julie Copeland

Julie Copeland shares how women business owners will benefit from attending the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair.

WBENC Helps Women Do More Business!

Photo - Pamela Prince-Eason - Official 1-21-2010 2

Pamela Prince-Eason reveals what people can look forward to while attending the WBENC National Conference and Business Fair.

Get the Right Financial Tools to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Woodrow Wollesen

Woody Wollesen talk more about his new national, educational, online platform: UltimateFinancingGuide.com

Find Your Vitality Today!

Ernie Head

Ernie Hubbard talks about his work through his clinic, “To Live Well Marin.”

Remembering Maya Angelou


Dr. Barbara Reynolds shares special moments, insights and more from the time she spent with Maya Angelou.

Green Festivals Bring Eco-Friendly Products to You!

Erin Bosch

Erin Bosch talks about how she created Mozi-Q and how the Green Festival has helped her introduce this product to a larger, green market.

Rev-Up Women-owned Businesses Today!

Julie Weeks

Julie Weeks talks about the current trends and future for women-owned businesses.