The Optimized Patient

How to Prepare for, Survive, and Recover from Spine or Other Major Surgeries (knee, hip, shoulder, etc.) with Harvey Warren

Exceptional People Healing Cancer Naturally with Prudence Sinclair

Prudence Sinclair, the original researchers & cancer activists, took her life in her own hands when she chose natural therapies…

Life and Death, We are Eternal

Bernie shares stories and thoughts about life and death, as his grandson Jason age 22 just died.

I USED TO HAVE CANCER with James Templeton

James Templeton became an over 30-year cancer survivor who healed himself from a terminal diagnosis…

Why are we Created and Alive?

The Meaning of Life. The Science of Mind. The Science of God.

The Daily Flame: 365 Love Letters from your Inner Pilot Light

If your deepest, most divine self had a message for you, what would it be?

The Art of Dying Well

A Practical Guide to a Good End of Life with Katy Butler

Adventures of Runnergirl 1953 with Mary McManus

“Running the Race” foreshadowed her Boston Marathon run despite all appearances to the contrary

Change Your Genes – Change Your Life with Dr. Ken Pelletier

Dr. Pelletier is a medical and business consultant to the USDHHS, the WHO, the NBGH…

Dr Bernie interviews Sally Morgan, PT CST

Sally travels widely teaching Equine and Small Animal Craniosacral Therapy and Tellington TTouch courses.