A Doctor’s Frustration

Dr.Bernie & Lionel share expert advice on topics around Health and Healing.

All is Well: The Art and Science of Personal Well-Being

Choose to Be Happy. Link Mind and Body. Explore Endlessly.

Understand Why!

Lessons learned as Bernie went up the hill to the old lady.

Is Cancer a Blessing?

We ask is cancer is a blessing? A wake-up call or a new beginning….

Hypnosis & Parenting

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Life and Death, Positive Energy

Dr Bernie comes together with his radioactive family Lionel Ketchian & Deborah Beauvais to share his thoughts on Life

Happy Anniversary Dr Bernie!

Today on Mind Health Matters we celebrate Dr Bernie & Bobbie’s 63rd wedding anniversary …

Do What Makes You Happy!

Losing a life, giving a life. Making a difference.

Who has made a difference in your life?

Today listen to glorious stories and for who have made a difference in their personal lives….

Is Life Really Fair?

Do we learn from our emotions through our experiences?