Part I – Return of Love to Planet Earth

Nina Brown, with spirit name Anaya-Ra, has transformed from being a pioneer as a businesswoman to being of service to the planet earth.

Part II – Purposeful Transmission Meditation

Second of two segments of conversation with Betsy Whitfill of Share International.

Part I – Purposeful Transmission Meditation

Betsy Whitfill talks about how Transmission Meditation combines two yogas, of personal growth (Laya Yoga) and service (Karma Yoga).

Part II – Share-International on Purpose

Betsy Whitfill, she describes her personal experience with the Teacher Maitreya, and some of the purpose of UFOs.

Part I – Share-International on Purpose

Betsy Whitfill, Correspondent for Share International, speaks about Transmission Meditation and the Teacher Maitreya.

Living with Snow on Purpose

When many areas of the continent are affected by snowy weather, there are many voices speaking reflectively.

Purposeful NLP Practitioner

Roger Ellerton is the author of ‘Live Your Dreams: Let Reality Catch Up’. He loves to increase awareness about neuro-linguistic programming.

Part II – Self-Confidence on Purpose

Tony Richards shares steps and safeguards in the process of attaining and gaining self-confidence, thereby improving the lives of many.

Part I – Self-Confidence on Purpose

Tony Richards shares the proven process in his new book that guides people to enhance their self-image, for self-confidence that will last forever.

Part II – Image Maker on Purpose

Dr. Joyce Knudsen is passionate about encouraging herself and others to be the best of themselves in both inner and outer image.