#2 of 11 – Shaman of Pleasure ~ The Selfish Shellfish

Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn describes vulnerability, in this second of eleven short segments.

#1 of 11 – Shaman of Pleasure ~ The Process of Change

Shaman of Pleasure, Stewart Blackburn describes his mentoring approach, in this first of eleven short segments.

Befriending Money on Purpose ~ Free Expansive Ideas

Befriending Money on Purpose offers free expansive ideas for growing on your life journey. Musings on Money by Lynn Thompson

The Power of Personality Types

Learning to recognize personality types in love and relationships was the first step for Bill Farr. Now he’s ready to share.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer on Purpose

Oriah, well-known as Oriah Mountain Dreamer author of ‘The Invitation’, shares the background of her beloved prose-poem and other insights

Purposeful DreamingBear

DreamingBear is an inspiring agent of love and wonder in the world.

Susan Biali is On Purpose

Dr. Susan Biali shares her journey that involves blending her talents and passions in an inspiring life.

Purposeful Marc Allen

Marc Allen is a speaker, author and composer with thoughtful practical guidance for purposeful living

Purposeful Singer Nina

Nina LeBlanc is an energized blues singer on Vancouver Island, and shares her enthusiasm

Nels Lennarson on Purpose

Actor and writer Nels Lennarson welcomes the ongoing creativity of his work for film and tv in his Vancouver home base.