Growth Periods: the Continuing Process of Spiritual Healing

As we tune into these growth cycles we can become more fully aware of our changes

The Importance of Being You

Living in Quantum Love is about living the miracle that we already are and have never left.

Reading is the First Step in Healing

Today’s program is focusing on how an energy reading, using our spiritual sight

When Angels Play Poker

When Angels Play Poker is an endearing novel that will certainly bring a smile to readers’ faces.

The Chakra System: a Window into our Spiritual Self-Discovery

Virginia offers clairvoyant readings and energetic healing work…

Single Parent Finds Success When Science Meets Spirit!

Deborah Drummond was born in Vancouver, Canada and loves the vibe of her city, the music, the healing opportunities….

Past Life Readings

Spiritual Messages of Love and Support from Your Previous Life Times

Beneath the Clutter Lies Your Effulgent Self

Who we truly are is timeless and limitless but this has been shrouded in layers and layers of mind, matter and illusion…

Living the Dream…? No Way, Dream’s Living Me!

Carl’s quest is to get you out of your mind and challenge each of us to see through the limiting illusion we accept as life

The Rose as a Spiritual Symbol with Virginia Dee

Virginia welcomes her guest, Margie, to the show for an intuitive reading, called a Rose Reading.