Every Job is a Sales Job

Dr. Cindy McGovern discusses her approach to the concept of “sales.”

The Big Rethink with Veronica “Niki” Fielding

Susan sits down with Niki Fielding to discuss the “Big Rethink” and how it affects all of us. How has the way we define success changed?

A Smart, Winning Strategy- Reverse Parenting

CEO Susan Michel and her guest this week, Kathy LoBue, will discuss the reverse parenting strategy in Kathy’s personal and professional life

40 Years of Victory for 9to5!

Linda Meric talks about 9to5’s 40th Anniversary celebration and its future goals.

Sharon Quirk-Silva Goes for CA State Assembly!

Sharon Quirk-Silva talks about why she decided to run for the seat in the California State Assembly.

9to5 Honors Equal Pay Day!

Linda Meric talks about 9to5’s great work and why Equal Pay Day, which will be honored on Tuesday, April 17th, is important, especially for women.