Emotional Wisdom: Bringing Joy into Your Life!

Dr Cynthia will discuss the tools of emotional wisdom to help you bring more positive experiences…

Accessing the Power of Your Intuition

This informative show will help you to understand the power of your intuition.

Exploring Your Heart and Embracing Positive Action!

Treat yourself to a radio show designed to guide you to recognize your life as your most precious gift.

Getting to the Heart of Your Health!

This show will guide you through powerful principles for creating excellent health…

Healing Your Inner Child

According to spiritual psychology, the Inner child is the carrier of your personal stories, the vehicle for your memories …

Understanding the Body-Mind Connection

opics will include the energetics of healing and what our symptoms can tell us about our spirit…

Improving Your Relationships

Intimacy is critical to the growth of our souls, and we learn our life lessons through the numerous opportunities …

The Power of Your Intuition

Each of us has had some kind of intuitive experience—a prophetic dream or psychic moment

The Power of Creating Effective Boundaries

Why are effective boundaries so critical for healthy and purposeful living?

Reiki as a Powerful Healing Method

Dr. Cynthia Bischoff is an energy medicine practitioner in the U.S.