Robert Salas author of Unidentified: The UFO Phenomenon

Moving forward towards progress and peace and a Universal view of possibilities …

Become An Earth Angel

Realize your own brilliant life force and personal power …

Guest Dr. Anders Nilsson

The Gentle Way of the Heart: Discover the Light Within

Robert Kopecky author of How to Survive Life and Death

Robert will share his amazing and challenging near death experiences ….

Reverend Thabiti author of All About You

Effecting positive results and necessary changes in your life

Isabelle von Fallois

Author of The Power of Your Angels a book which contains a short practical program featuring channeled angel messages …

Who Pays the Price?

Heather White, the producer and co-director of the film, Who Pays the Price?

Adam C. Hall author of The Earth Keeper

Adam will share his real life story about one man’s journey from an Earth Conqueror to an Earth Keeper.

Bruce Davis author of The Love Letters

…the power of personal connection to Spirit and to the true values of love harmony and balance

Guest Alex Woodard’s

Alex discuss several of the letters Alex received showing the indomitable spirit …