Finding a Way Through Grief

Mary Odgers discusses how people can approach grief and grow from it.

Somatic Solutions for Traumatic Grief Episode 3

One somatic consequence of grief: it makes us shrink physically. What can be done to release the pattern of shrinking as if persecuted?

Somatic Solutions for Traumatic Grief

Episode 2 – Hypervigilance. Liability, or asset? Take the PTSD out of traumatic grief. Tips to transform hypervigilance into a life skill.

Introduction to Somatic Solutions for Traumatic Grief

New findings in neurology, psychology, resilience and somatic education resolve traumatic grief. Transform trauma into transformation.

Sandy Hook Teacher Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis on Finding Hope After Tragedy

Sandy Hook Elementary teacher who saved her students’ lives during the horrific shooting reflects on finding hope after tragedy.

Kent Smith grief/bereavement coach

Understanding of death as a part of life, and how life and the afterlife meet….