Ever wanted a Fresh Start?

Every time you stumble, or fall out of a pose, you aren’t failing. You are merely starting fresh…

How to live in the Kingdom, in the Star Gate, or in a place of Divine

Higher Consciousness with Keith Anthony Blanchard

Music, Sound Healing, the Soul, Source and Ascension into Light

Leigh Ann Phillips is an award-winning singer songwriter, recording artist, sound healing lecturer…

The Art and Importance of Asking and Receiving

In today’s show we will learn the art, as well as the value, of Asking and Receiving.

At its Core, Jealousy and Envy are Nothing More than Triggers

Even in our own lives, can we way we are truly happy for our friends…

Body Shame, Love & Logic, and What we Resist, Persists

Is it any coincidence that the “obesity epidemic” and body shaming are both at an all-time high?

Our Bodies, Body Shame

Join Lora as she dives deep to uncover thoughts, ideas and feelings surrounding our bodies and ourselves…

How Life Choreography(TM) can Help You GET what you Want

…and FIGURE OUT What you Want in the First Place!

Moments & Challenges

Lora discusses the importance of rooting into the moment, and being a present in every moment…

How to Overcome a “Post Holiday Hangover.” (not the alcoholic kind!)

No matter how bad you blew it over the holidays, (honestly!) you can still recover…