The Synthesis Effect with Dr. John McGrail

Have you ever wished there as a magic bullet? A super fast method to help you change your behavior? There is!

EFT with Naomi Janzen The Science of Tapping Producer

Something bad happens and you feel icky. But try as you might, you just can’t let it go!

What Are Your Core Values with Katia Ravé

Katia knows that life isn’t always smooth sailing and she certainly has had her share of rocky seas!

Sandra Walston is a Human Potential Consultant who Studies Courage

What’s your definition of courage and why is it vital to claim it for yourself?

Lauren Kay Wyatt, founder of Love Renegades

Love! It’s much more than a romantic thing.

Confidence and Courage

Join Lora as she welcomes Emily Haruko Leeb for a show on confidence, courage and radical self-acceptance!

Women Entrepreneurs, Education, Empowerment and Support

Women work differently than men. They face unique challenges, struggles and opportunities than men.

Applying the Olympian Mindset to Your Work & Life

With Martha Henderson, 2008 Olympian: Why don’t you make the decision to pursue success today?

Mindfulness in Menopause

Mindfulness in Menopause, Over the Holidays, and in Everyday LIFE with Clarissa Hughes

Gratitude can be Cheesy. And Phony. And False.

This Holiday season, let’s go deep! Let’s feel all the feels, and let’s experience true gratitude!