Understanding the Spiritual Life of Animals

Elena Mannes talks about her new book, “Soul Dog,” and upcoming documentary, “Body and Soul.”

New Media Film Festival Showcases the Best in New Media

Susan Johnston talks about the upcoming New Media Film Festival.

New Media Film Festival Brings Emerging Media to Forefront

Susan Johnston talks about the upcoming New Media Film Festival and what attendees / participants can expect to see.

San Francisco Green Festival is Bringing Home Hemp

Director Linda Booker talks about the film, ‘Brining It Home,’ that will be screened at the San Francisco Green Festival.

Women Make New Media Exciting!

Susan Johnston talks about the advance planning for the upcoming 5th Annual New Media Film Festival.

let’s talk film reviews smart online documentary, WOMAN TO WOMAN

Is it tough to raise daughters in New York City? let’s talk film, the film review series discusses the bright documentary, Woman to Woman.

Screenwriting & NFL Athlete Turned Author with A Memoir

Steven Arvanites, founder of NYCScreenwriter.org, talks screenwriting & Vernon “VT” Turner discusses his NFL memoir, THE NEXT LEVEL

“Red Tent Movie” Empowers Women

Isadora Leidenfrost and DeAnna L’am talk about the Red Tent Movie.

NY Times Bestseller Heather Graham & Taking Books to Film & TV

Lane Shefter Bishop talks taking books to film & TV and NY Times best-selling author Heather Graham talks about writing THE UNHOLY