Clean Water for 500 Villages in Extreme Poverty

Join Hands4Others’ (H4O) youth to break the cycle of extreme poverty by bringing clean water and health to 500 villages by 2015. Listen now.

Saving Lives with Solar Powered LED Lamps

Save lives. Make light from darkness. Unite-to-Light’s solar powered LED lamps charge cell phones for those living with no electricity.

Fair Trade Factory in Liberia Saves Lives

You, too, can dramatically change lives like social entrepreneur, Chid Liberty, in Liberia founder of the first Africa fair trade factory.

For-Profit Preschool Education in India for Extreme Poor.

Learn how a for-profit preschool is addressing poverty and education in India while fighting extreme poverty, and how you can help..

Sanitation Solutions to Extreme Poverty in Urban Slums

Hear how you can help stop the 1.7 million deaths due to disease from lack of sanitation in urban slums of extreme poverty.

Business Process Outsourcing to Help Eradicate Extreme Poverty

Outsource data services, help stop the cycle of extreme poverty through employment, upper education for youth through Digital Divide Data.

Vote Today to Save Lives: Healthpoint Virtual Medical Clinic and Safe Water

You can help address healthcare and safe water for India’s extreme poverty by voting before July 12, 2012. Listen to hear how.

Clean Water to Save Lives Globally One Filter at a Time

Hear how you can help save lives one filter at a time with Safewater International and Ning Jiang, a PhD student developing a low-cost, family water filter system for use in areas of extreme poverty.

Social Entrepreneurship in Liberia and Women for Peace

Women for peace in West Africa are helping produce the first finished products for export from Liberia with Chid Liberty, social entrepreneur and founder of Liberty and Justice.

What is Microfinance and How It Can Help End Extreme Poverty.

Hear how the Bottom Billion Fund is addressing extreme poverty, the greatest violence against mankind. Microfinance is making progress against hunger, disease and terrorism.