Heidi Smith – Explore on an international homestay

Heidi Smith is a program manager at CHI.net and organizes longterm homestays for Americans and International visitors

Expat Family with Marina Kuperman-Villatoro

Russian born American, Travelexperta Marina, talks about expat life and family travel from her home base in Guatemala.

Travel Past 50 – Tom Bartel and Kristin Henning

Travel past 50 has it’s benefits. Tom and Kristin talk about the rhythms and rigors of a life spent traveling.

Expat living on a Greek Island – Author Jennifer Barclay

Happiness doesn’t always mean getting the guy, but author Barclay’s love affair with living on the island of Tilos, Greece, comes close.

Jason Nicoll – Expat living and Perma-culture in Brazil

An expat Brit and recovering IT business manager, Jason talks about RTW travel and discovering his life’s work in Brazil.

Susan Birkenshaw – Expat trades Toronoto for Ecuador

Imagine living in Quenca, Equador for 9 months and Toronto for the rest of the year. Susan talks about how she makes it work.

Captivating Cuenca – Expat living with Jeff Johnston

Leaving the cold in Canada was easy. Adapting to life in Ecuador took some doing and Jeff talks about the journey to captivating Cuenca.

John Berglund – Expat life and the Tijon Perfumery

John Berglund had a dream. Eschewing corporate life, his nose led him to life as an expat and creation of the family perfumery, Tijon.

Wade Wurm – Expat dive master settles in Loreto, Mexico

After diving and traveling to 22 countries, Wade speaks about finding paradise in Loreto, Mexico, where he manages resort scuba operations.

Sonia Marsh – One year of gutsy, expat living

Swapping Southern California for a tropical paradise seemed like the answer to her dreams but author Sonia Marsh discovered otherwise.