The Wholistic Vet

Dr. Laurie Coger, a holistic veterinarian, trainer, and breeder, whose mission is to guide owners down the natural dog care path …

Embracing the Ridiculousness of Life

Dr. Judy will be speaking with Jen Coken , author, speaker, comedian, and life coach…

New Life for Old Paws

Dr. Stacey Bone DVM, a small animal veterinarian in St. Louis, Missouri with a passion for senior and geriatric animal care…

Therapy for the Mind and Body

Peggi’s focus is on health awareness and how to move beyond chronic pain for your animals…

From James Bond to Deadliest Catch

David’s fight against organized crime inspired him to write a series of books about winning against the odds.

Transforming Lives with the Power of Words

Tune in and listen to a thought provoking conversation with Dr. Judy, Rocky and Cheryl.

Homeopathy: Safe, Gentle Medicine

Dr. Morgan welcomes Homeopathic Practitioner and Healthy Pet Food Pioneer, Maria Ringo

Pet Fooled No More!

Pet Fooled is a film the commercial pet food industry does not want their consumers to see…

Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs

Dr. Judy welcomes her husband, Hue Grant, to talk about their new book; Yin & Yang Nutrition for Dogs.

Communicating with Love & Compassion

Dr. Liz is a world-renowned interspecies telepathic communicator, author…