Laura Yamanaka: You Can’t Rely on Help Coming

If anyone tells you they are an expert, run like crazy!

Jillian Ryan: A Business with a Heart

Resources and business skills for abused and trafficked women is a component part of her regular “give back” business.

Jim Hindman: A Message of Positivity

Believe in the art of the possible.

Tony McGinnis: Coming Full Circle

Our grandparents kept enough food that we were never in an emergency mode. We need to be proactive, not reactive.

Jamie Amelio: It’s Hard Not to Give a Hug

Life at home is turned upside down!

Brianna McDonald:

Is this an environmental restart?

Nan McKay: We Are All Old People in the Coronavirus Life

We don’t want the isolation to eat us up.

Betsy Muller: Be Present to Yourself

Coronavirus is encouraging we rather than me.

David Smith: Many Potential Outcomes from Coronavirus

We are not in charge of the rate of change.