Chip Evans Plans to Strengthen Congress in Nevada

Chip Evans shares how he plans to fix a broken Congress in order to create more equality for women and much more.

“No Budget, No Pay Act” Needs Your Support!

Dudley Hafner talks about an organization he is currently involved with called No Labels, and the importance of the “No Budget, No Pay Act.”

Become an Effective Advocate with WIPP!

Ann Sullivan talks about what she will be covering in her advocacy training for the women attending the WIPP Leadership Conference, as well as why women-owned businesses should attend this event.

WIPP Talks Business in DC

Barbara Kasoff discusses WIPP’s upcoming Annual Leadership Conference and why it’s important for women-owned businesses to attend.

WGES Brings Together Green Energy Leaders!

Daisy Gallagher talks more about the upcoming World Green Symposium and its importance.

When Women ROAR, the World Will Change!

…from a whisper to a ROAR!

Women’s Influence in 2012

… is recognized and ought to be!

Women’s Congress for the U.S.

… answering the call from 1870!

Stepping Out in Life

Walking with Inner Personal Spirit.

Shift Your World with Words

How to Shift Rage to Passion