Limitations always appear from fear and doubt.

Traditions & Progress! Flowing in Balance

Some people believe that tradition and progress cancel each other out …

Love or Fear Choices

Have you ever felt really in Love with someone but totally afraid to move forward?

Mitakuye Oyasin: We Are All One

It’s the time for the four colors of people to merge with the colors of the Universe …

All We Need is Love

We will fill the circle of energy with love – pure, simple LOVE.

Dark & Light Sides ~Acceptance & Release

We will be sharing the powerful healing energy of how to work in balance…

The Magic Timing Element

Timing is critical for changes, and we are in the time of big changes now.

Animal Guides, Combined Medicine

Join Sharon and Jim Eaglewolf as we delve into animals guides and totems in a whole new way.

The Four Colors…Unite!

If we really want to heal we need to forgive and learn from the past.

Choices & Decisions

How do we navigate through the sea of decisions that face us each day?