Palliative Care: Dignity & Compassion

Mark Ganz & Ron Brownstein on palliative care, dignity, compassion, and patient & caregiver support.

Considering Hip & Knee Replacement

Dr. Bryce Allen on his discussion with older and younger patients about whether hip or knee replacement can improve their quality of life.

MAZE Treatment for A-Fib; Beatles for Sale; End-of-Life Care

Dr. Kenton Zehr on treating atrial fibrillation; Cathy Elkies on newly discovered Beatles photos; Dr. Donald Schumacher on end-of-life care.

Tummy Ache or Appendicitis?

Dr. Danny Little on how parents can recognize the onset of appendicitis in a child.

Otolaryngology = Ear, Nose & Throat

Drs. Michael Miller & Troy Simon on adult and pediatric throat & ear issues, sleep apnea, language pathology, and ambulatory care for ENT patients.

The VAD: Mechanical Support for the Heart

Dr. Enrique Gongora on the VAD (Ventricular Assist Device), a small machine that gives the heart mechanical support to perform its function.

Living with Parkinson’s; Dealing with Insect Bites & Sunburn; Pediatric Literacy

Dr. Elmyra Encarnacion about living with Parkinson’s Disease; Dr. Anna Myers on dealing with insect bites and sunburn; Tom Cook on pediatric literacy.

The Remarkable Public Health Program of Newborn Screening

Judith Benkendorf, Kelly Rosso-Leight, Dr. Tracy Trotter & Korissa Olson on diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases through newborn screening.

Living with Osteoarthritis & Surgical Reconstruction After Cancer

Dr. Rick Schultz on strategies for living with osteoarthritis; Dr. Raman Mahabir on post-cancer surgical reconstruction.

Alzheimer’s Disease: Evidence & Responsibility

Winifred Hayes on evidence-based approaches to Alzheimer’s (screening, diagnosis, treatment) and Alzheimer’s impact on patients, providers, and payers.