What Is the 4th Law of Health?


Why is sunlight so important?

What Is the 3rd Law of Health?


What is the importance of water?

What Is the 1st Law of Health?


Why is Nutrition so important?

Nutrition for Improving Every Year!


Is there really a progression?

Are there actual guides for health?


If so what are the basic principles for well-being?

When Should Wellness Management Commence?


Wellness begins in infancy!

QuantumThink on Purpose

Dianne Collins

From an early age, Dianne Collins has had an enhanced awareness of evolution, in herself and the world in which she has appeared!

The Power of Personality Types

The Power of Personality Types

Learning to recognize personality types in love and relationships was the first step for Bill Farr. Now he’s ready to share.

Natalie Ledwell: From Being In Debt to Becoming Multi-Millionaire


From all the challenges, the co-founder of Mind Movies have reached over 1.2 million people!

Episode #160, “You Are What You Love”

You Are What You Love

Vaishali fields phone calls from people seeking life management advice.