Never Have a Bad Day Again

Everything in form can be used for awakening because we are always in the perfect place at the perfect time for healing

The Ego Is out of Business

The ego has no power over your mind unless you give it that power.

The Guide Within

David is joined by Jason Warwick and Michael Caruana as they explore the topic of being under Christ control

Embracing your Magnitude

When on the spiritual journey we really need to take practical steps to unwind from ego thinking…

It’s Stepping Into Magnitude

We build self esteem through trying to make it in the world but in the background there is always something missing…

This Is Your Holy Instant

Some of the topics talked about are depression, feeling empty, how do I follow the Holy Spirits voice and making decisions…

The Breath of Eternity

This week we take a look at having a state of mind that is fully present to the miracle.

The Birth of Holiness

David is joined by Frances Xu as they discuss that our birthright is holiness…

Into the Mystic part 6 The Authentic Awakening

Now is the time for letting the Spirit lead all of our actions of what to say, what to do and where to go…

Into The Mystic Part 5 Practical Steps to Mysticism

How can we share this deep love that we feel for others?