The Hero of the Dream

When you look to the world for anything you are not seeing that the ego made the world up…

You Are the Dreamer of the Dream

You have a choice to see the world from a linear perspective which is like a long noodle or turn it on its side and get to be the point…

Alchemy of Awakening Part 2

We continue with the Alchemy of Awakening retreat preparing the participants for 4 days of silence.

Alchemy of Awakening Part 1

There really is nothing stopping us from knowing who we are right now other than what we believe.

Listen to Your Heart and be in the Present Moment

In order to be in the present moment, we have to look at what stops us from being present.

Perfect Happiness

Perfect happiness is our natural state of being, it is our inheritance.

Inner Listening Part 2

The inner guide knows you better than you know you because he is you.

Inner Listening

If we are serious about awakening then we must stop the blame game.

Mastery Through Love Part 2

Here we have another very powerful session with David from the Mastery Through Love online retreat.

Mastery Through Love

Mastery through love is the key to taking us right back home to Self Realization.