Into The Mystic Part 5 Practical Steps to Mysticism

How can we share this deep love that we feel for others?

Into The Mystic Part 4

David explores lesson 109 I Rest in God, from A Course in Miracles.

Into The Mystic part 3

We dive deep into Lesson 47 of A Course in Miracles: “God is the strength in which I trust”…

Into The Mystic part 2

We are joined by special guests Michael Caruana and Kirsten Buxton…

Into The Mystic

Mysticism is explored, how to apply it in our daily life and what it means to do nothing.

Quantum Immersion

In order to go quantum, we must see that everything is in our mind…

Deepening in Trust on the Spiritual Journey Part 2

This show completes the stages of Trust on the spiritual journey…

Deepening in Trust on the Spiritual Journey

Am I trusting in the ego belief system or the Spirit’s teaching?

Practical Application of Nonduality

David describes how the important resurrection is not of the body but the resurrection of the mind…

Practical Application of Being Guided by Spirit

David Hoffmeister, Frances Xu, and Jason Warwick share parables and wisdom on the practicality of mind training and guidance…