Author Shares Insights Into Circlework and “The Sacred Ego”

Jalaja Bonheim

Jalaja Bonheim talks about her book, “The Sacred Ego,” and her “Circlework.”

Author Shares Experiences from the Playboy Mansion


Suzen Fiskin talks about her amazing book, “Playboy Mansion Memoirs.”

The Last Unicorn


This show is about the author’s quest to find and understand a creature as rare and enigmatic as any on Earth.

Outside of the Box: New Horizon-Pluto

outside of the box button

The New Horizon space craft will flyby Pluto today taking photos. Pluto is the planet of rebirth and self-empowerment.

The Authors Show Presents: “My HUSBAND Looks Better in Lingerie…

Author Bobbie Thompson

Bobbie Thompson, the supportive spouse of a transgender male-to-female, tells her side of their story…

The Authors Show presents: Story Telling Re-Invented

The Plungs of Icarus - a CineNovel

“The Plunge of Icarus” re-invents story telling by offering a new reading experience through written words, sound and visual effects.

Succeed in a “Trust and Value Economy”

Meridith Elliott Powell

Meridith Elliott Powell share secrets from her books on how women can succeed in today’s current economy.

Bruja On Books: Falguni Kothari, author of Bootie and the Beast


In this episode Yolanda Shoshana chats with Falguni Kothari, author of Bootie and the Beast.

Psychic Shares Inspiring Insight


Lai talks more about how a psychic reading can truly help people.

Emerge for Small Businesses with Tiffany Boyle


An interview with the CEO of Emerge The Magazine, a company that focuses on promoting entrepreneurs and cultural events.