Author Shares Stories from “The Bulldog Brigade”

Ken Beaton talks about his book, “The Bulldog Brigade: Every Day Red and Gray.”

The Authors Show presents: Ridiculosity – a Deployment to Afghanistan

A Deployment to Afghanistan is an engaging, informative, raunchy, laugh-out-loud look at the antics of a group of soldiers deployed…

The Authors Show presents: The Red Road to Hades

A retired gentleman who yearns to improve his life on many levels meets a lady on Craig’s List who offers all the things he desires…

The Authors Show presents: “Living Fulfilled”

A book with this topic could read like a brochure, or feel like being lectured to. Such is not the case at all with Living Fulfilled.

Access and Use Your Sexual Energy

AJ Beaber talks about what “sexual energy” is and how people can learn to use it.

Get Your Book Published and Noticed

Christine Whitmarsh talks about how new authors can get started writing their books, as well as get those books published and noticed.

The Authors Show Presents: Piano Meadows, by author R.G. Bud Phelps

A Historical Fiction story about a specific area in Conifer Colorado, and a beautiful meadow called Piano Meadows..

The Authors Show presents: My Bad Tequila, by author Rico Austin

Mystery, Mayhem, Madness… Margaritas & Mexico one man’s epic journey across two continents and four countries…

The Authors Show presents: Michael Brown Jr., by Ken Dye

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson just cleared a sick child call and was on his way to meet his future wife…

The Authors Show presents: “More Than Friends”

Eighth graders Larry and Michael have been best friends since kindergarten. Larry has worn leg braces…