The Authors Show Presents: Piano Meadows, by author R.G. Bud Phelps

A Historical Fiction story about a specific area in Conifer Colorado, and a beautiful meadow called Piano Meadows..

The Authors Show presents: My Bad Tequila, by author Rico Austin

Mystery, Mayhem, Madness… Margaritas & Mexico one man’s epic journey across two continents and four countries…

The Authors Show presents: Michael Brown Jr., by Ken Dye

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson just cleared a sick child call and was on his way to meet his future wife…

The Authors Show presents: “More Than Friends”

Eighth graders Larry and Michael have been best friends since kindergarten. Larry has worn leg braces…

The Authors Show presents: “SHOT DOWN”

For the first time, the full and complete story of the B-17 Flying Fortress Susan Ruth is shared in unbelievable detail…

The Authors Show presents: “Wrecked”

Cameron Taylor is young, handsome, obscenely rich, and a rock music God. He is also a train wreck, and has only known privilege his ….

The Authors Show presents: Piecing Together Forgiveness

Every one of us has either wronged another person or been wronged by someone else. Talking about forgiveness….

Author Shares that Success Starts in Your Mind

Mary Sue Wallace talks about key insights that she shares within her books.

The Authors Show presents: “Walking Between Worlds – Book I”

Meet the unsung heroes of the supernatural, those who walk between worlds to help humans battle their demons. ….

Author Shares Insights Into Circlework and “The Sacred Ego”

Jalaja Bonheim talks about her book, “The Sacred Ego,” and her “Circlework.”