The Wisdom of a Child: The Student, The Teacher, The Equal

Are you, as a “parent”, an all powerful, all knowing presence in a child’s life?

Giving Teenagers the Tools They Need to Release Stress

Untreated stress can lead to depression and anxiety as well as unhealthy eating and emotional behaviors…

Healing Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence can take a toll on any family in just moments, especially the children …

Authenticity Creates Beautiful Bonds

Join Host Monica Iglesias and her daughter Beyza Iglesias, as they express their authenticity …

The Powerful “Being” You Are

Beyond what you say or do, your energy, frequency, and vibration tells a story to the children.

Why Do Kids Lie?

Children are born innocent. Yet when they are only a few years of age, they begin to lie. So why do they lie?

How Do I Get My Child To Be Obedient?

Do you find yourself dictating commands to your children, expecting them to be obedient, and not getting the results you want?

Accessing Your Child’s Unique Set of Instructions

No two children are exactly the same and one size parenting doesn’t fit all.

Depression and Thoughts Of Suicide Part II – The Parent

Young Adults aren’t the only ones that experience depression and thoughts of suicide. Mothers (and Fathers) can experience them too.

Guiding Your Child through Depression and Thoughts of Suicide

Learn how to create a safe space for them to express themselves…