My Kind of Me

The Exchange TV & Radio Talk Show

Dr. Jacquie and author Areia Cobb sit down and discuss what it takes to teach our children to love themselves.

How to Reposition Your Business to a True Strategic Partner

alejandro vargas

The Growth Strategist, Aldonna Ambler, interviews Alejandro Vargas, CEO of Dialogue Marketing highlighting his innovative ideas.

How to Reposition Your Business: Low Cost Vendor to Strategic Partner

Peter schmitt

The Growth Strategist, Aldonna Ambler, interviews Peter Schmitt, CMO of Dialogue Marketing.

From Sub to Prime in Record Time

Julie Hastrup

The Growth Strategist ® host, Aldonna Ambler, interviews Julie Hastrup of the Telesto Group LLC.

Accelerated Growth Through Excellence In Customer Service

Ray David

Aldonna Ambler, The Growth Strategist, interviews Ray David of Point Bank about customer service.


Cheri Beranek

Aldonna Ambler interviews Cheri Beranek, president and CEO of Clearfield, Inc.

When Your People Grow…So Does Your Business


Aldonna Ambler interviews the co-CEOs of VEDICSOFT.

If You are Wondering if Licensing Would Cannibalize Your Sales…Wonder if it Could also Fuel Your Growth Through Acquisition

Robert Digby

Aldonna Ambler talks with Robert Digby, CEO of PayChoice, about his use of growth strategies for his company.

How To Thrive During Uncertain Times


Aldonna Ambler discusses how to help your business thrive even in uncertain times and reviews some recent economic reports.

ENGAGEMENT as a Growth Strategy


Guest Roz Alford joins host Aldonna Ambler to discuss engagement in business as a growth strategy.