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Confessions of a Goal Digger:Gerri Prince Rivers

Self-Care tips to help you thrive during some of life’s toughest transitions

Episode 2: Confessions of a Goal Digger-Kim Boudreau Smith

This month’s guest- Kim Boudreau Smith…
CEO Bold Radio Station
# 1 international best-selling author

Confessions of a Goal Digger

Advice,inspiration and motivation from women leaders and entrepreneurs

No, Thank You Is Too Small

When the going gets tough, the tough get grateful.

‘Men don’t Marry for Sex’ Dr. Robert Hustrulid

Susun Weed Interviews Dr. Robert Hustrulid on Marriage and Divorce

Keep Your Children Healthy with Herbs Sara Chana Silverstein

Susun Weed Interviews Children and Women’s Advocate Sara Chana Silverstein

What Is the 5th Law of Health?

Why is temperance so important?

What Is the 4th Law of Health?

Why is sunlight so important?

What Is the 3rd Law of Health?

What is the importance of water?