Start Hosting

If you cannot play the video (above), we have provided written instructions below on how to start posting your Internet Radio Shows on

Step 1

Sign Up for AudioAcrobat® by clicking HERE!  We advise starting with the “Basic Plan” as this can fulfill the fundamental needs to start your Web Radio Show.

Why am I signing up for AudioAcrobat® to Host my Radio Show at WomensRadio?  

AudioAcrobat® is the technology used to create and publish your Radio Show at WomensRadio.  In fact, AudioAcrobat® owns and manages — it is our “Technological Mother Ship.”  This means, that you will become a member of AudioAcrobat® first and then, you will get to use ALL of its features for ALL of your Audio/Video creation/publishing needs, including publishing your Radio Show to — pretty amazing!  If you are still unsure about how WomensRadio works, please review our Why Host? FAQs Page.

Step 2 

Once you Sign Up for AudioAcrobat®, start using it to produce your Radio Show!

We highly recommend taking the “Free, Fast and Furious” Training so you can learn how to use your AudioAcrobat® Account for recording/producing/publishing your Radio Shows on as a Host.  When you Sign Up and create your AudioAcrobat® Account, you will receive email newsletters telling you:

Please look-out for these newsletters or call the AudioAcrobat® Support Team for more information about the “Free, Fast and Furious” Training at (866) 891-0087.  Their Support Team is very responsive, so if you reach a voicemail system when you call, leave a message—they will return your call promptly!

Don’t have time to attend our “Free, Fast and Furious” Training?  That’s okay!  Watch our Video Tutorials instead!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a new Radio Host on, we advise watching the following Video Tutorials, specifically, as these will assist you with recording your audio for your online, Radio Show (by yourself or if you are interviewing a Guest):

Remember, you will be an AudioAcrobat® member first and foremost and that means you will have access to MANY other features under the “Plan” you sign up for at  Therefore, if you click on the URL below or paste the URL below into your Web Browser, you can view ALL AudioAcrobat® Video Tutorials on ALL of the possible features:

You may also want to consider using Audacity—a FREE audio editing software that you can download so you can edit your recordings before you publish them on for audiences to hear.  Audacity will have its own instructions that you will need to follow for editing purposes and AudioAcrobat® is not affiliated with this company.  Again, you will want to make sure you edit all recordings you make BEFORE you publish them on to ensure that what you publish sounds the way you want it to sound BEFORE audiences hear it.

Step 3 

After you have your completed Radio Show in AudioAcrobat® following the above steps and are ready to publish it to, simply create a WomensRadio Account for FREE by clicking HERE OR click on “Register” on the top right of WomensRadio.

Please Note: uses WordPress, so when you Register, you will be creating a WordPress Account.

Step 4

Once you are logged into your WomensRadio Account, you will first complete your Host’s Profile and then follow the internal steps outlined in your Dashboard in your WR Account to quickly publish your Radio Show.

If you have any questions about, how to get started as a Host on WomensRadio or about any of the steps outlined above—please contact us at:

If you have any questions about, how to create your AA Account, the AA Free Trainings offered or how to use your AA Account—please contact them at: