Truth Worker Activist Samara Gaev

Susun Weed Interviews Artistic Director Samara Gaev

‘Our Spirits Dance’ Author Susan Allison

Susun Weed Interviews Transpersonal Psychologist Susan Allison

Travelteerism with Casey Miller

Mixing Travel and Volunteering transform any journey. Casey Miller talks about founding Travelteerism and boutique trips around the world.

‘Men don’t Marry for Sex’ Dr. Robert Hustrulid

Susun Weed Interviews Dr. Robert Hustrulid on Marriage and Divorce

‘Daring: My Passages’ Author Gail Sheehy

Susun Weed Interview Award Winning Author Gail Sheehy

Keep Your Children Healthy with Herbs Sara Chana Silverstein

Susun Weed Interviews Children and Women’s Advocate Sara Chana Silverstein

Traveling Gluten Free – Erin Smith

Erin Smith doesn’t let Celiac’s Disease slow her wanderlust. She talks about travel strategies, the Gluten Free in NYC group and her blog.

Love Your Life Dr. Shaelyn Pham

Susun Weed Interviews Why the World Needs More Selfish People Dr. Shaelyn Pham

Women Healers of the World Author Holly Bellebuono

Susun Weed Interviews Herbalist Holly Bellebuono

Berlin Perspectives – Amber Irwin

Pieces of the Berlin wall made their way into a traveling art exhibit that Amber Irwin orchestrated. She talks about process and artists.