Be Gentle With Yourself

When does swimming in rhythm to your breath become singing in rhythm to your heart? Karen Drucker shares how it happened for her.

If I Were Brave

Traveling internationally to sing and share in ways that inspire is Jana Stanfield’s journey of the heart.

Sacred Feminine, The Vessels of Peace

Lynda Terry speaks of the Sacred Feminine that is needed to shift the consciousness of humanity.

A Political Campaign: From the Grassroots Up

Diane Benson decided to run for the U. S. House seat in Alaska when seeing her son’s strength after losing his legs in the Iraqi war.

Musical Journey, One Heart to Another

Singer, songwriter Karie Hillery, speaks with Sharon Riegie Maynard about her passion to reach people’s heart through the musical gifts she was given.

Dangers of Pregnancy on Babies

Dr. Doris Rapp, an international authority on the effects of toxins on children, speaks to Sharon Riegie Maynard about the impact these poisons are having on bout babies and on men and women with their sexuality and ability to produce healthy children.

Women Change the World: A Political View

Sharon Riegie Maynard speaks with Tracy Sturdivant, Vice President of the White House Project, about the work through Vote, Run, Lead and The White House Project to encourage women to participate in the political process.

Walking in My Sister’s Shoes

Karambu Ringera, born in Kenya, shares with Sharon Riegie Maynard how she continues to reach back to empower women in her country in war ravished and impoverished situations to act from an inner peace and trust in their own abilities

Feminine Leadership, the Power to Change the World

Kathe Schaff, of Gather the, shares her experiences of feminine leadership and the power of a woman’s authentic voice with Sharon Riegie Maynard.

Endangered Children, Their Health at High Risk

Dr. Doris Rapp, international expert on the effects of chemical toxins on children, is passionate as she talks with Sharon Riegie Maynard about asthma, allergies, ADD, ADHD, dangers of drug treatment and options mothers have.